About Inkblot

Our mission is simple. Improve your mental health at home, at work and beyond with effective and affordable solutions built for individuals and organizations that care.

Where We Started

Inkblot was founded on the belief that mental health should be convenient, confidential and affordable.

After our founder, Luke Vigeant, lost a cousin to suicide, he grew increasingly disillusioned with the mental health solutions available, including the long wait times and the barriers to getting help. He teamed up with Arash Zohoor, a family doctor, who lost patients to suicide for the same reasons, to reimagine mental health care and together, they created Inkblot.

A meeting with five Inkblot employees is taking place around a circle table in the Inkblot offices.
Asian male therapist wearing a white sweater is mid-conversation, who is sitting on his couch facing forward with a Female therapist with brown hair tied up loosely and brown eyes smiling with her hands open facing forward. Followed by two illustrations of hand drawn flowers
Where we are now

Inkblot is Canada's fastest-growing digital mental health service, focusing on offering secure online video counselling through our corporate mental health programs and individual counselling services.

Our platform matches you with the counsellor most suited to help you based on your preferences and concerns. Struggling with mental health challenges can be difficult, but connecting with a qualified therapist shouldn't be. Inkblot makes feeling better easier with accessible mental health and wellness support built for everyone.

Where we’re going

In 2021, Inkblot was acquired by Green Shield Holdings—a social enterprise focused on creating measurable health impacts and helping Inkblot scale and grow its platform.

GSC and Inkblot are committed to removing barriers and providing access to best-in-class services to build a more seamless, comprehensive, integrated health system for individuals and organizations.

Green Shield Canada and Inkblot logos followed by a hand drawn handshake illustration indicating GSC and Inkblot partnership
Our LEaders

Meet our leadership team

We are founders, entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists coming together to build, launch, and scale products and companies solving painful problems in the Canadian health space.

Luke Vigeant


Joe Blomeley

EVP, Head of Health Services & Enterprise Growth

Harriet Ekperigin

VP, Mental Heath, Green Shield Holdings

Denise Richardson

Senior VP, Commercial

Yiwen Sim

VP of Product

Julia Scott

Director, People and Culture

Katherine MacArthur

VP of Operations
Headshot of Inkblot employee, Greg, who is wearing a blue striped polo.

Working at Inkblot has been a breath of fresh air. Our culture includes collaboration, respect, teamwork, hard work, and fun. We’re all proud to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Greg Van Slyke
Director, Business Development
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Inkblot employee, Adam, wearing a white shirt with a pink cartoon pig, smiling into the distance.

Inkblot is a service that provides help to people in need, which has been an excellent motivator and a big reason why I continue to enjoy working here—I also manage a fantastic team and am continually learning and growing. But the thing I appreciate most is the work-life balance.

Adam Sweeney
Senior Director of Engineering
Headshot of Inkblot employee, Emma, who is wearing an Inkblot branded baseball cap and has blonde hair.

Inkblot is a vibrant organization, and we really like to make each other laugh! I work from home full-time and have felt engaged and included from day one. There’s a sense of camaraderie and kinship among my colleagues. This company, our employees, we’re easygoing.

Emma Newman
Proposal Manager
Headshot of Inkblot employee, Safa, who is wearing a white shirt and smiling

It's energizing and motivating to work for a company like Inkblot, where everyone comes together to make care accessible and affordable. It makes work meaningful and motivates me to deliver my best. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to expand my skills, and I hope to continue my professional journey with Inkblot.

Safa Yahya
Practitioner Network Specialist
Headshot of Inkblot employee, Calla.

I am grateful to our customers and practitioners for entrusting Inkblot to access and provide mental health services. It is rewarding to assist users in navigating our platform daily and draw on their experiences and feedback to improve our products and services over time.

Calla McLachlan
Manager, Customer Support
Inkblot employee, Anita, sitting on a couch smiling.

Joining the Inkblot team has been an amazing experience. I am surrounded by kind-hearted people who root for each other and are dedicated to the cause. The product's innovation and each employee's touch on the service are remarkable. It's great to be a part of the substantial growth of this company on so many levels.

Anita Singh-Shetty
Client Manager
Inkblot employee, Ris, sitting at the porch

I'm so grateful to be a part of the Inkblot team. I love working collaboratively and remotely to provide accessible mental health, and I know my work is making an impact. And just as importantly, the work-life balance, flexible work hours, and support from my team mean I can do the best work, be my authentic self, and care for my mental health.

Ris Wong
Senior Product Designer
Inkblot employee, Siva, who is wearing a blue sweater and jeans and is smiling.

It brings me joy to be working for a mission-driven organization. Solving an acute problem of access to mental health care is a huge motivation in addition to flexible hours helping the team maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Siva Teja Chittamuru
Lead Quality Assurance Engineer
Headshot of Inkblot employee, Greg, who is wearing a blue striped polo.

Working at Inkblot has been a breath of fresh air. Our culture includes collaboration, respect, teamwork, hard work, and fun. We’re all proud to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Greg Van Slyke
Director, Business Development
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