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Customizable counselling support for your people

Get online counselling from a diverse network of skilled counsellors with onboarding support for you and your team.

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Partner retention rate

Employers recognize that a commitment to mental health is a commitment to their employees.

Client satisfaction rate

Reports show a high level of satisfaction based on a validated measure designed to assess key dimensions of effective therapeutic relationships.

Criteria used to find the right match

Our detailed questionnaire has over 50 matching options to ensure your recommended therapist is the right fit.

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Why Inkblot Access

Personalized, effective and easily accessible mental health care for your employees.

Inkblot Access is our custom counselling benefits program created for companies new to building their mental health solution or looking to improve their existing counselling offer.


Appointments within 24-72 hours

In-depth reporting

Diverse network of qualified practitioners

Online mental health training

Easy-to-access confidential video counselling

Ability to sponsor employees' counselling hours

Seamless onboarding and support

Add features as you go

Provide a better approach to long-term care solutions.

Traditional Wellness Services

Traditional employee wellness services often involve weeks-long wait times for employees seeking immediate support for mental health concerns forcing them to connect with the first available clinical expert for short-term care.

Inkblot Access

Inkblot Access provides effective and accessible counselling support for your organization. Our personalized matching questionnaire matches employees with the best therapist to suit their needs based on clinical experience, cultural fit, language and more.

EAP and Comprehensive Care

Deliver more effective care solutions for your workforce with scalable options.

Supplement your mental health solutions by expanding your organization's offers. The Inkblot Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Comprehensive Care offerings allow you to expand your mental health support efforts beyond counselling.

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