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An EAP that's so good employees actually use it.

Help your employees live better with digital-first well-being support for the modern workplace.

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Partner retention rate

Employers recognize that a commitment to mental health is a commitment to their employees.

Client satisfaction rate

Reports show a high level of satisfaction based on a validated measure designed to assess key dimensions of effective therapeutic relationships.

Criteria used to find the right match

Our detailed questionnaire has over 50 matching options to ensure your recommended therapist is the right fit.


Better workplace
health starts with us.

The success of your business depends on the health of your people. So why do traditional EAPs make finding care that doesn’t cut corners a full-time job?

Inkblot’s digital-first EAP makes it easy for your team to find the right support faster with our personalized therapist matching service, simple online booking and 360-degree care options available for all your organization’s needs.

No more this

Traditional EAP

more this

Inkblot’s EAP


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Confusing and archaic 1-800 numbers decrease employee awareness and uptake.

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The easy-to-use digital-first approach leads to higher engagement than traditional EAPs.

Booking time

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It can take weeks for employees to find the right support.

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Schedule a virtual appointment within 24-72 hours.

Match results

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Employees are matched based on whichever clinical experts are available.

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Employees use a personalized matching questionnaire to find their best therapeutic match based on clinical experience, cultural fit, language, religion, availability and more.

Quality of care

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Take a band-aid approach to care, stopping once the crisis is “solved” and benefits are up.

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Seamless continuity of care after employee’s benefits max out. Get comprehensive short-term and long-term support—from the point of crisis to prevention.

Full Spectrum

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A fragmented network and system of referrals lead to high employee frustration.

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Secure a complete solution for your organization’s unique well-being needs.

Our spectrum of care

The path to getting and staying well looks different for everyone. Support your team’s well-being needs across the continuum of care with services designed to meet your employees wherever they are.

Whether addressing an acute health crisis or seeking ongoing ways to optimize your team’s total well-being, Inkblot has the right program to help every member of your workforce feel their best.

Graphic of treatment spectrum (preventative, mild, moderate, severe)Graphique du spectre de traitement (préventif, léger, modéré, sévère)
our approach to better care

Workplace health made easy

Inkblot's customized approach helps you create accessible, digital-first mental health programs that suit the needs of your team. Get access to ongoing support and expert guidance anytime you need it.

Simplified onboarding and implementation process

Meaningful insights and reporting

Higher employee engagement

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Our approach to better care

Workplace health made easy.

Inkblot's customized approach helps you create accessible, digital-first mental health programs that suit the needs of your team. Get access to ongoing support and expert guidance anytime you need it.

*Mockup displays the redesign for Inkblot Management which will be coming in the near future


best suited for

Seeking a full spectrum of care for everyone

Organizations seeking higher employee engagement

Providing employees more than a traditional EAP offering

From crisis to prevention, our highly qualified network of clinicians and coaches helps employees optimize their total wellness and tackle life challenges of every kind.

Best Coverage

Get higher engagement, comprehensive care and better results with Inkblot EAP.

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