Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Discover why investing in an employee assistance program can improve employee health for your unique workforce.

A Black woman sits on a couch smiling as she types on her laptop.
A Black woman sits on a couch smiling as she types on her laptop.

Better workplace
health starts with us.

As workplaces evolve, there is a growing demand for better employee health support.

A well-rounded employee assistance program (EAP) can help your workforce achieve better health while providing HR leaders with tools to solve common work-related issues such as absenteeism, employee retention and greater job satisfaction. 

Learn how Inkblot’s dedicated employee health and wellness strategy can help get you started. 

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What is an Employee Assistance Program?

Accessible health support for your unique workforce.

An EAP, also known as an employee and family assistance program (EFAP), is an employee benefits program funded by an employer to support the well-being of employees and their dependents.

While counselling services are often the core offering of an EAP, most programs offer customized supplementary services based on an organization's needs and budget. Some other mental health and well-being services may include clinical consultations and health and wellness programs such as life and career coaching and financial and legal advisory.

The overall goal of an EAP is to provide employees with the tools and resources to be better equipped to address work and life challenges, including common concerns like stress management, substance use, burnout and more.

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Mental health programs aren’t one-size-fits-all.

The Inkblot EAP offers customizable options beyond employer-sponsored counselling to support your team’s well-being needs across the continuum of care with services designed to meet your employees wherever they are.

Improve the health of your workplace with our free EAP eBook.

Provide a better approach to long-term care solutions.

Comprehensive EAP providers offer a holistic approach to whole health, which allows employees to access health services beyond individual and couples counselling. Inkblot’s approach to a full spectrum of care includes support for life challenges and events, Individual or workplace crises, traumatic events, critical incidents, training, coaching, and much more. 

Includes support for:


Legal issues

Stress management

Anxiety and depression

Substance use and addiction

Workplace burnout and conflict

Illness and disease management

Preventative health and well-being

Budgeting, investing and retirement

Family planning, parenting and eldercare

Credit management, tax planning and more

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Employee well-being support your team will actually use.

Traditional EAP providers make finding care complex and confusing. Inkblot’s digital-first EAP makes it easy for your team to find the right support faster with our personalized therapist matching service, simple online booking and 360-degree care options available for all your organization’s needs. Choosing a more accessible EAP could lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, higher motivation, improved job performance and lower disability costs.

No more this

Traditional EAP

more this

Inkblot’s EAP

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Confusing and archaic 1-800 numbers decrease employee awareness and uptake.

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The easy-to-use digital-first approach leads to higher engagement than traditional EAPs.

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It can take weeks for employees to find the right support.

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Schedule a virtual appointment within 24-72 hours.

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Employees are matched based on whichever clinical experts are available.

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Employees use a personalized matching questionnaire to find their best therapeutic match based on clinical experience, cultural fit, language, religion, availability and more.

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Take a band-aid approach to care, stopping once the crisis is “solved” and benefits are up.

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Seamless continuity of care after employee’s benefits max out. Get comprehensive short-term and long-term support—from the point of crisis to prevention.

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A fragmented network and system of referrals lead to high employee frustration.

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Secure a complete solution for your organization’s unique well-being needs.


Make staying healthy easier with personalized, accessible care.

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any benefits package. We explore how to introduce an EAP to your employees in our eBook, including the steps below. 

Create an implementation strategy 

Determine what you need to support a seamless EAP implementation for your employees. We offer the materials and resources required for your ideal implementation strategy. 

Offer employee onboarding

Help your team navigate the platform with easy-to-use onboarding material provided by Inkblot. We also offer human resources and leadership training for those who need it. 

Promote ongoing wellness resources 

Take advantage of our promo materials and newsletter to help employees stay updated with available health services and wellness resources. 

Add supplementary services as needed

Improve employee needs by partnering with our account management team to secure additional services and offerings. We’ll support the needs of your organization every step of the way!


Better health for all starts with providing more accessible solutions.

Looking to the future of EAPs, there’s an opportunity to reinvent the health care and benefits experience to meet the needs of any organization. From filling prescriptions, booking therapy appointments, filing benefits claims and more — our future solution, GreenShield+, will simplify the care experience by providing access to digital health and benefits offerings in one platform. This highly integrated solution will enable the following:

Better Access

Connect easily with thousands of health professionals without long wait times.

Better Convenience

Leverage services anytime, anywhere with effortless digital capabilities and seamless reimbursement of your benefits claims.

Better Integration

Stop repeating your story. Get personalized care and easier navigation with services that increasingly talk to each other and your benefits plan.

Better Health Outcomes

Leverage data-driven insights to take charge of your health and improve your quality of life.

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Our approach to better care

Workplace health made easy.

Inkblot's customized approach helps you create accessible, digital-first mental health programs that suit the needs of your team. Get access to ongoing support and expert guidance anytime you need it.

*Mockup displays the redesign for Inkblot Management which will be coming in the near future

Reviews that speak for themselves.

Our greatest success will always be clients who found the support they needed, the way they wanted.

Inkblot is rewriting the playbook on Employee Assistance Programs. They have over-delivered in every aspect of our partnership and we haven’t looked back.

Anna Petosa

VP People Ops, Pelmorex

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I’m sure these traditional EAPs were pioneers in their time but haven’t made the updates needed to support current employee and employer needs. They risk becoming Blockbusters, and companies like Inkblot Therapy have figured it out.

Lisa Dodwell Greaves

Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, WestJet

Inkblot is rewriting the playbook on Employee Assistance Programs. They have over-delivered in every aspect of our partnership and we haven’t looked back.

Anna Petosa

VP People Ops, Pelmorex

Inkblot has figured out a massive gap in the ecosystem: getting people to access these kinds of support services beyond going to an office in the traditional means of what it used to be.

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director, The DMZ

As our mental health partner, Inkblot has helped ensure that our employers in Canada and the USA are always supported. Inkblot is professional, responsive, flexible and provides a full scope of mental health services to our employees digitally to ensure that experts are available when and where they need them.

Kim Tabac

Chief People Officer, League

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