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The path to getting and staying well looks different for everyone. Support your team’s well-being needs across the continuum of care with services designed to meet your employees wherever they are.

Whether addressing an acute health crisis or seeking ongoing ways to optimize your team’s total well-being, Inkblot has the right program to help every member of your workforce feel their best.

Graphic of treatment spectrum (preventative, mild, moderate, severe)Graphique du spectre de traitement (préventif, léger, modéré, sévère)
How inkblot works

5 steps towards feeling better

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No call centres, and no extensive wait times.

Employees access a simple online system to book their phone, video, or in-person session with a therapist at their convenience.

Individual Counselling

Access one-to-one therapy sessions with a therapist based on the results of our matching questionnaire.

Couples Counselling

Book couples therapy sessions with a practitioner that specializes in relationships.

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Work, Health and Life Services

It takes more than just therapy to live and stay well.

Our registered nurses, dieticians, coaches and trained experts are here to help your employees navigate all aspects of life and achieve their personal goals.

Work and Career

Professional development

Career transitions

Workplace stress

Workplace conflict

Adapting to a changing workforce

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition advice

Illness and disease management

Smoking cessation

Weight management

Preventative health and well-being support

Legal and Financial

Budgeting, investing and retirement planning

Credit management, mortgage planning and taxes

Family conflict

Wills and estate planning

Criminal matters

Consumer concerns and property law

Life Transitions

Becoming a new parent

Family planning


Navigating child care


Moving homes

Parenting kids and teens

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Specialized Clinical Services

Provide your workforce with more support at any moment.

Add supplementary specialized care services for employee needs that expand beyond traditional counselling and EAP offerings

WorkHealth Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services

Help employees currently off work or at risk of leave due to mental health concerns get the best treatment recommendations based on our expedited psychological assessment and treatment services. Recommendations provide fitness to work evaluation and recommended Gradual Return to Work plans where appropriate.

Psychiatric Consultations and Assessments/Collaborative Care Services

Access to an extended health team, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners with special expertise in mental health and addictions who collaborate with our therapists to provide cohesive and collaborative medical care. The diagnostic process allows clients and therapists to develop interventions, recommendations, referrals and/or treatment plans.

Substance Use Assessment and Treatment (SUAT) Services

Ensure the safety and well-being of employees struggling with substance use issues with assessments conducted by a registered psychologist specializing in substance use disorders. Inkblot’s clinical team facilitates access, oversees employee treatment, and offers internal substance use counselling and relapse prevention support options. A report provides the employer with clinical conclusions and recommendations around diagnosis, treatment, fitness to work and disability status, and monitoring needs through unannounced substance screens.

Specialized Trauma Intervention and Treatment Services

Support employees impacted by trauma and critical incidents at work with services that support prevention and minimizing the risk of PTSD, including immediate consultation and guidance for individual trauma counselling and on-site debriefing for those most impacted by a workplace accident, medical emergency, or death.

Specialized Complex Mental Health Programs

Help employees experiencing complex mental health conditions such as PTSD, major depressive episodes, anxiety disorders and more return to well-being through work-focused CBT treatment sessions delivered by mental health experts.

Mental Health Peer Support Program

Peer support is a cost-effective way to reduce mental health stigma and promote early intervention by training employees to support each other in the workplace. We build, execute and oversee peer support programs with our technological expertise, including consultation and support for the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, recruitment strategies, screening and selection process and tools, and much more.

Chronic Disease Management

Supports the individuals living with chronic diseases in all aspects of whole health, including medication management, diet, physical activity, health teaching and mental health. Employees engaged in this program have regular access to a circle of practitioners specializing in their condition to allow ongoing monitoring, modification and improved health outcomes.

Health +

Provides employees with an opportunity to maximize the benefit of biometric screening by providing customized health coaching. Employees receive a comprehensive consultation/assessment by a nurse addressing current health status, social functioning, medical history, medication review and risk assessment to create a plan that best supports their needs.

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Tranquility iCBT

Tranquility by Inkblot is a digital program that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help people with anxiety and depression achieve their wellness goals.

Our interactive learning modules, tools and coaching help employees develop positive coping strategies and reduce life-disrupting symptoms without the wait. Regular in-app reminders and guided coaching ensure employees stay motivated on their iCBT journey to reach their mental health goals. Available in both self-led and coach-led models.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Accessible anytime

Tranquility by Inkblot is an innovative program available to access anytime online or through the mobile companion app for adults (18+) experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression.

Participate at your own pace

Employees can complete the program independently or work with a coach available through in-app messaging and/or weekly 30-minute video or phone sessions.

Low-cost support

iCBT is an affordable and effective mental health solution built for organizations of all sizes. Select the program on its own or as a compliment to your existing mental health plan.

Clinically proven

Co-designed by psychologists and people with lived experience with mental health issues, Tranquility by Inkblot is a clinically-validated solution trusted by corporate and government partners.

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Webinars and Training

Gain access to specialized training and webinars that cover various topics to meet your organization's and its leaders' specific needs.

We work closely with nurses, clinicians, practitioners and career and lifestyle coaches to build impactful educational resources that help bridge the gap between work and mental health needs.

Some Highlights Include:

Leadership Impact on Psychological Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Self-Care Strategies for Better Sleep, Mood, Nutrition

Unlock Your Core Values Using Peak Performance

Find Your Life’s Purpose

Burnout Prevention

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